Mwangi Storm Druid, destined for greatness


Dobasais a Storm Druid, forsaking a bond with an animal companion for powers over weather and sky. He starts out with the Cloud domain, granting him a small lightning arc attack and later the ability to summon a thundercloud, damaging, deafening, and hindering foes. He will later get a second domain (weather), with the ability to buffet foes with winds, hindering their attacks and the ability to pull lightning from the heavens.

His main skills are Perception, Survival, Profession (Sailor) and Spellcraft. He also knows facts of nature and geography. He uses no weapons, preferring to utilize his spells in combat to control the battlefield and disturb enemy tactics. Spells as obscuring mist and later fog spells, and hydraulic push and torrent are his cup of tea. He will add blast spells later on, such as flaming shpere and chain lightning.

Dobasa’s wild shapes will aid him in swimming and flying all the while staying out of enemy reach while casting spells, and ultimately allow him to take huge elemental forms to create whirlwinds sucking up his foes.


Dobasa was born in the Mwangi Expanse, during a storm that lasted all day. The storm only stopped just as the boy was born. Blessed by the gods, Dobasa’s birthmark was proof of a greater destiny. When he had reached manhood, he started training as a druid and was sent off to wherever his path would take him. He ended up in Port Peril where he worked on several ships and as a fisherman, slowly beginning to doubt his destiny to manifest. This changed when he was press ganged onto the Wormwood, a pirate ship.


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