Skulls and Shackles

Scuffles and scams
Getting to know the crew

It is dawn on the group’s second day aboard the Wormwood in the crew berths.

Mere seconds after the bell tolls to summon the crew on deck, four pirates Aretta Bansion, Fipps Chumlett, Jaundiced Jape, and Slippery Sly Lonegan block the group’s path.
“In a hurry?” Sly says, and laughs, pushing Thiassi in the chest. The pirates look like they are itching for a fistfight and approach the new swabs without weapons drawn. Meanwhile, a handful of other sailors loiter on the stairs to watch the fight.

When Mordred and Dobasa stand up for their gnome friend, Content Not Found: slippery-sly-lonegan, who seems to have a history with Mordred, walks up to him and, apparently ready to seduce him, and then tries to kick him in the balls. Mordred dodges this and retaliates with a quick fist to her face. Meanwhile Thiassi and Dobasa slip past the pirates and get it up to the deck on time for the muster. Mordred gets right behind them.

Master Content Not Found: Scourge does not seem pleased that he doesn’t get to lash any of the new recruits and it is quite clear that he put the four ruffians up to this attack.

Awakening on the Wormwood

A joyful evening in the Formidable Maid leads to a painful awakening on the Wormwood, the ship of captain Content Not Found: barnabas-harrigan_. The Mwangi druid Dobasa, elf pirate Mordred Fireshackle and gnome priestess of Desna Thiassika Skadiskoi Sunnaljaki Andvari wake up in the hold of the ship and immediately are introduced to the life of a pirate. Thiassika seems to view being pressganged as an interesting new experience, although anyone who really knows her, would see through her bravado and recognise her worry about what’s in store for her. Dobasa on the other hand remains quiet and stoic. It is mostly Mordred who shows his dismay at their current situation, as he had planned to command a ship for himself, not be pressganged into a crew. As their captors get them on deck, The grim elf and cheerful gnome immediately get treated to a good piece of pirate discipline for their big mouths, while Dobasa silently watches. Mordred gets 3 strokes from the lash, but Thiassi – who really doesn’t like to be called landlubber by someone who has lived shorter than she spent time on a ship – really can’t keep her big mouth shut and so gets 3 strokes from the cat-o-nine-tails. The captain makes it clear that he won’t be dealing with the new crew. This duty falls to mister Content Not Found: plugg_, the first mate and his help master Content Not Found: scourge. And they make it clear that the new crew won’t like this arrangement.

A quick climbing contest ensures that Thiassika gets the job of rigger, a position the gnome accepts with quite some enthusiasm, as she really likes the view up there in the rigging. Dobasa gets sent to help the cook, a fat drunk called Content Not Found: ambrose-fishguts-kroop, and Fireshackle gets to be a swabby, much to the would-be captain’s dismay.

During the rest of the days they acquit themselves as good as possible from their tasks and get to know some of the crew. They quickly befriend another recent recruit, Sandara Quinn, whom gives Dobasa and Thiassi their holy symbols back. Content Not Found: ambrose-fishguts-kroop_ also turns out to be a really nice guy and they befriend him as well. The quartermaster,a superstitious half-orc woman called Content Not Found: cutthroat-grok_, is easily swayed by Thiassi to give her back her harrow deck in return for which she reads his future. She also has Thiassi’s trusty riding dog, Content Not Found: Erzulie_ with her, whom she decides would serve better as a help to the gnome than as ingredient to the stew. In the afternoon Thiassi discovers the remains of a dead pirate in a cage, accompanied by a little starved monkey. Content Not Found: conchobhar-turlach-shortstone_, a foppish gnome, tells Thiassika that this is the reason why it’s a bad idea to gamble against the captain. Thiassi takes pity on they little monkey and when she feeds him some scraps, she quickle befriends him and calls him Content Not Found: Agwe. AfterContent Not Found: cutthroat-grog and Mordred share some booze and stories the party can count the half-orc among their friends as well.

Captain's log
These are the voyages of the ship the Wormwood

It’s continuing mission: piracy!


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